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Our Process

Market Research

The 1st step is market research which is undertaken by the marketing department with the basic aim of gauging the evolving trends in the perfume industry. In-depth consumer insights, trend analysis and a scent mapping of your brand’s product line to analyze potential markets.

Scent Creation

Ideas are formulated based on trend analysis and competition and then incorporated into your base for evaluation.

Product Development

In house perfumer creates the fragrance and re-worked until the perfect blend is achieved. Upon the satisfactory evaluation final samples are prepared for the review.

Packing Development

In house designing team then create the bottle and packaging designs on the basis of the information provided by the marketing team and also provide their own creative ideas.


Once the final sample is prepared with the entire packaging we take the necessary approval from the regulatory.

Choice of Partners

With the fragrance and the design selected the development team chose the best suppliers of raw material across the globe.



Upon the final approval received from the regulatory, R&D and marketing department the fragrance goes in to production. Once these bottles are complete they are packed into their unique boxes and then wrapped by the cellophane and finally packed into shippers.

This guarantees that the products meet My Perfume standard of Reliable Quality and are delivered with an adherence to our distributor across the globe.