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My Perfumes was established by founder and chairman, Mr. Firoz Baugwala in 1993. Since then its aroma has being serving perfume connoisseurs across UAE with its authentic Oriental & French perfumes. The culture of UAE is greatly revered by My Perfumes and it has been an integral part of its heritage because it preserves values, traditions and exudes elegance in abundance. It feels great to have known this land for over two decades, comprehending what people need and serving them with perfumes that perfectly define their personalities. What we are today is the result of a far-sighted vision of our founder and chairman Mr. Firoz Baugwala. The birth of My Perfumes group in 1993 providently coincided with the birth of retail trend In the world. Motivated by the sensuality of fragrances. My Perfumes decided to venture into the sphere of fragrances more thana decade ago to satisfy the need of the perfume lovers from world over. Based at Dubai, the land embodying the finest of east and west, we are constantly catering to the international market since last 30 years. Get best branded and premium quality dubai perfumes like niche perfumes, oriental, arabic fragrances, and french perfumes with us.